Toppling Traditional Marketing With Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the new norm. Many companies that were once totally into traditional marketing have now moved to the digital field. Why the switch? What has made them realize this? Let us see what gives digital marketing solutions an edge over traditional marketing.

Traditional Marketing
• Cost: Traditional media like television ads, newspapers, hoardings can be very expensive. A front page ad could cost anywhere around a few lakhs. The same story again with television and hoardings.

• Cannot be quantified: Inspite of all this investment, it is practically impossible to calculate the exact number of people who have seen your ad, number of conversion, number of people who are interested etc. Thus, impossible to calculate a return on investment. So how do you quantify or on what basis do you decide if your campaign has worked out or not?

• Area: Suppose you put up a hoarding, people only in that area would be able to see it. It does not reach anyone else. Or if you say a newspaper, it will reach that city alone.

• Availability: There is a time constraint. Your store would be accessible to customers only at a certain time of day.

Digital Marketing
• Reduced Cost: Compared to traditional media a digital marketing solution will cost you peanuts. The only paid form of digital media is Pay per Click (PPC) which still costs you much lesser. Even here, you have to pay only for the result you get. No irrelevant costs are involved. Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media (SMM) are almost free.

• Great return on investment: As mention above every penny invested will give you a certain return. The customers will atleast visit your page. If not converted to an immediate lead, he could atleast be a potential lead in the future.

• Measurability: There are various tools available to measure every aspect of your campaign. For instance, the webmasters tool, Facebook/ LinkedIn insights etc. These will exactly provide the no. of visitors, conversion rate, no. of views and also their age, gender, location etc.

• Targeting: Due to the above mentioned tools available at our disposal (for free) our ads can also target a specific group of people depending upon the product. This is impossible in traditional marketing.

• Reach: Digital marketing can reach not only a town, city or country but can go worldwide. This extends your customer base, higher chances of sale and all of this keeping the cost in check.

All in all Digital marketing can earn you a place among the biggest of brands. Money is not a constraint for competition. Now you can compete with national or even international chains even if your office is based in a single room. Digital marketing is coming up as the most effective strategy.